रहा नहि जाये , सहा नहि जाये

Raha nahi jaye / saha nahi jaye


by Karam C Ramrakha


As in English.. it will not let me be how would you render saha nahi jaye.

It torments me..


Yes, the demise of Hinduism, or the Vedic Faith since Hindu is a race and therefore as my guru P N Oak said Hindu-ism is like saying the Anglican religion is English-ism..


Now I am writing my memoirs.. and I wonder if you can find me a literary agent in UK .. I believe UK is still the home of English literature; although if you make a killing in USA you have the largest English readership in the World there.


As for India, well, the British invasion was like a Norman Invasion. T

The Indians welcomed the British to some extent because the British (unlike the Moslems) did not kill women and children.. and not to the same extent as the Rajaha and Maharajas (if the General Dyer at Jaliawallah Bagh) practice some rules of velour.


P N Oak .. and you can find all his writings on the internet.. said: “While the Rajahs and Maharajas fought one another, they practiced some rules of velour and chivalry..


Dear Deva .. as my Guru P N Oak pointed out, Timur in his memoirs gives a perfect description of Delhi and its seven cities.. you can google and find the passage in Timur’s memoirs..then he talks of Hindus assembled at Jama Masjid.. well he uses the Moslem term for it.. But it was the Hindus who had gathered at Delhi’s Jama Masjid to protect themselves.. and today that JM is the largest Mosque in India..

but it is all Vedic.. there is even ( Like the Taj Mahal ) a underground storey in it..


This is what Indians in India should fight against.. get all these damn tombs opened and see if there is a corpse in there.. I sent you stuff on Lal Khan’s Tomb.. Humayun ‘s Tomb.. Replete with tombs.. Taj Mahal teeming with 5 tombs.. some unknown..


P N Oak was disappointed that no one who really mattered in India believed him.. I was friendly with Jai Sukhlal Hathi who had come to Fiji.. the Indians in India took a “shine” to me, respected me, treated me as a son of India .. Why ? Because I spoke Hindi fluently.. a school teacher in Lucknow wanted me to come and speak to his pupils in Hindi.. So much for Bhojpuri but I can speak Sudh Hindi.


So that is the first step.. Why Aurangjeb Road.. Why Akbar Road.. that is where the cleansing should take place.. And a full archeological survey of Taj Mahal (which exists) should be made public .. The Indian government makes a fortune out of just showing the Level 4 .. Whisk them in/whisk them out.. What about the other 6 storeys.. What about the basement that is closed.. What about the sealed chambers .. Not only in Taj Mahal but in Jame Masjid..


It is not Rocket Science to tell the world what the edifice really is: how many storeys it has /what parts of it are sealed and why.. Poor Oak-jee went to Supreme Court of India which seems to be able to deal with every problem in India .. like “surplus” rotting grain; and the Supreme Court said Oak-jee had a bee in his bonnet.. What a delicious English phrase; and refused to open the sealed chambers. Not whimper from the populace at this outrageous ruling.


So the drama or should I call it narak of invasion/ denigration/ decimation of a country from 6 A.D. continues.. An invasion which seeks to wipe put the past.. Christian missionaries fuelled with money, men and munitions converting tribals who then turn into Naxalites..


I went to India in 1967, 1971 and 1975, and like Oak jee I found a stone wall when I spoke to Ancient India.. of the so called false tombs.. Let’s take a simple matter. Ibrahim Lodhi lived in a palace in Agra.. Where is that Palace today?

Babur lived in a palace in Agra.. that Palace as Oak jee proves in his writings was/is the Taj Mahal..even mentioned in Babur’s Memoirs .. Read Oak jee on his book on the Taj Mahal.. or Aurangject demolishing a temple and building a Mosque on it.. or Atalya Devi Mosque.. with its forest of pillars inside.. a mosque as Oak jee points out needs an open plan and space.. Yes, as Michener points out the forest of pillars in far off Spain .. And finally the arrogance of Sancta Sophia Mosque..


When I wrote to the Eminent Historian Geoffrey Blainey about the Taj Mahal,he did not comment on what I wrote but merely brushed me aside saying “More research is needed” .That when Shah Jahan’s own memoirs admit the TM was Rajah Jai Singh’s palace. Why when 90% of the interior of the Taj Mahal is sealed off and unknown to the general public? .. Why when Mumtaz or Arjum and Zamano Begum died in Burhanpur and is buried there.. Google. Was Mumtoz buried in the Taj Mahal?.. Again some poor Rajah’s palace on the banks of the Tapti River has been commandeered as tomb.. And look at her tomb produced in Begley & Desai.. It was Oakjee who paid a photographer to take photos of the palace and the grave .. And the grave of the Mumtaz in Burhanpur 600 miles aways from Agra is intact.. So how does the deception and the muth go? Well after six months she was interred.. And then carried 600 miles to Agra.. And while Sj is building his Taj Mahal and it takes him 22 years,  the lady is buried in the site.. on a building site.. (Not like Lenin Tomb?) And then finally she is dug out of the site and buried in the TM.. No, Sir, there is no date that that happened.. No one knows.. And Oakjee has said there is no body in the so called grave.  And Professor Marvin H Mills has proven that the entire TM is a Hindu temple


Yes, I had a tussle with William Dalrymple, that anti Hindu son of a bitch still parading in India and calling it a home.. And he referred me to Ebba Koch.. She actually wrote to me and said I have seen the Taj Mahal every aspect of it and I wrote back .. what about the sealed chambers?.. Nothing about it in your complete Taj Mahal book, and she is silent but she is no longer in the news.

Likewise Catherine Asher of the University of Minnesota who attacked P N Oak in the Cambridge History .. all did. Dalrymple, Ebba Koch and Asher .. has gone silent.


Finally Taj Mahal has 5 tombs, and according to the book by Begley & Desai there is one with an unidentified corpse ( Toba! Toba!) And Begley & Desai confirm that the annals of the period do not refer to Mumtaz Mahal..


How can MumtaZ Mahal transfer to MumtaZ Mahaj or even Taj Mahal?.. When you read the history of the Moslems in India none shorten their names.. So Taj Mahal (Crown Palace which is what it is) translates to and is derived from MumtaZ Mahal..


Arise, Awake and Stop Not till the goal is reached.


Karam C. Ramrakha

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